1. Our first concern is safety… So we all can go home safely to our family. Our safety record stands at ZERO ACCIDENTS OR INCIDENTS since first beginning business in 1993 a great record we achieved with assistance from our customers and their valuable feedback and strict in house requirements. Also being a member of "pumpsafe Australia", "concrete pumping association of Australia" and working closely with OH&S inspectors  Concrete Pumping Qld are kept in front and up to date with any advancements in safety, Delivering a flow on effect to your job site helping us deliver our slogan "OUR SAFETY IS BOOMING".
  2. We pride our self on our excellent proven track record of zero accidents or incidents. Being a "mine site specialist" means we have every safety step put in place to ensure the safest work environment for everyone.... not that we only do mine sites.
  3. Working closely with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland well before the safety blitz on concrete pumps has proven our safety record and great relationship with safety inspectors. Concrete Pumping Queensland has gone through compliance assessment with no fuss or delay.... no problems.


  1. With a fleet of 5 brand new trucks at our Emerald branch, ergonomically designed from the factory by concrete pumping Qld and the latest in safety systems including the best stability setup, accumulator dump valves for the hopper dead man switch’s, supplying wheel chocks and safety steps for agitators, first aid kits, fire extinguishers,  safety signs, brake tests, and all trucks are mine site compliant.
  2. Our Concrete pumps are certified and registered with the QLD government as registered plant and undergo strict maintenance procedures performed by our permanent Diesel fitter employed at Concrete Pumping QLD, maintenance is carried out to the highest standard giving our fleet the highest safety, reliability and production value. Some other maintenance procedures range from regular (pipeline thickness testing) to engineer inspections (boom inspections), regular brake tests, oil sample analysis, log books, lighting fitted for night pours, fitted with automatic greasing systems to limit wear.


  1. Our Employees are the best trained professional personnel available with a strong safety culture. Regulars on mine sites all staff hold current inductions, coal board medicals, licenses, tickets, Zero tolerance drug and alcohol testing policy, blue card and many more qualifications. Company policy requires staff to be supplied with and wear High visibility clothing and personal protective equipment at all times . (all relevant paper work from take 5's to jha, swp's, even jha’s for reversing agitator trucks onto the pump. Daily checks and personnel paper work is kept in ALL of our trucks) You can rest assured when you hire Concrete Pumping Qld your job will exceed that of any other concrete pumping company- guaranteed. Achieving high quality service and safety standards means that the biggest and most difficult jobs can be planned with confidence, from house slabs and bridge constructions to remote gas plants your job will carried out to the highest possible standards. 
  2. Being A family business running for over 15 years by Karl and Dwayne Nixon and locally owned it's important to us that our customers are 100% satisfied with the product we deliver.
  3. Also big on staff retention and employee benefits our staff are happy, easy going, safe and love doing their job


  1. With our new purpose built depot located in Brown Street completed and in full operation, our facilities include approved wash down bays so not to cause cross contamination of pathinium weed or other harmful plants between job sites.
  2. In addition our washing facilities catch the water, filter it and remove the oil and contaminants, the water is then re-used in our trucks for washing out purposes, thus continuing our efforts in being as environmentally friendly as possible.


  1. When you hire the services of Concrete Pumping Queensland, you're not only hiring the best boom/cement equipment available but you are also hiring the most well trained professionals in the concrete pump hire industry. our concrete pump hire services cover the largest range of jobs and projects for the widest range of locations across Central Queensland  from small jobs to having the insurances  and financial backing to carry out the largest for jobs
  2. Concrete Pumping QLD has on many occasions worked in  collaborating with other company’s to better suit our customers’ needs
  3. Concrete Pumping QLD can outsource a specific piece of equipment if you require it or supply multiple pumps for your job site
  4. Concrete Pumping QLD has a safety management plan and procedures for your needs


  1. If you are looking to hire a concrete pump to place concrete in the most professional manner possible and want the assurances of quality and reliable equipment combined with a highly trained team of professionals at a competitive price, then concrete pumping qld is the firm you should be seeking for your next job.
  2. Our commitment to our customers.
  3. We offer a fast, efficient and safe placement for you
  4. Because we want your satisfaction, our company is operational 24 hours a day 7 days a week, offering you service when you need it
  5. Our website www.concretepumpingqld.com.au is a resource for our customers, project planners, foremen, concreters and tradies to gather information and tools to ensure their pour is carried out with ease, or if you have any questions please call Karl 0418 799 868  or Dwayne 0419 672 015, email us at ecpumping@bigpond.com
  6. Thank you and we look forward to another successful partnership with your company in the future

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