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Safety is a big factor when it comes to choosing any construction company, our customers can rest assured that they are hiring the best in class safety that has a proven track record of quality and reliability, we don't compromise safety for profit or cut corners. You will receive a complete safety package prior to the commencement your job. 

CPQ is fully licensed, safety compliant with industry qualifications and prides itself on it's UNBLEMISHED RECORD OF ZERO LOST TIME INJURIES and is only achieved following our strict in house requirements and excellent safety culture. Our concrete pumps are fully insured (up to 20 million), plant registered,work cover registered, 6 yearly engineer certified, yearly engineers inspections, national code of practice compliant and maintained impeccably. As a member of "Pumpsafe Australia" and "Concrete Pumping Association of Australia" Concrete Pumping Queensland are kept in front and up to date with any advancements in safety.

Concrete Pumping Queensland Working closely with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has designed and engineered outrigger pads 4 time larger than standard fitted to all trucks for the greatest stability possible on soft / wet / uneven ground surfaces, thus giving our customers the peace of mind that we are able to carry out their job without delay, fuss and with complete safety each and every time. Working closley with OH&S well before the safety blitz on concrete pumps has proven our safety record and great relationship with safety inspectors. Concrete Pumping Queensland has gone through compliance assessment with no fuss or delay.... no problems.

Being a "mine site specialist" means we have every safety step put in place to ensure the safest work environment for everyone.... not that we only do mine sites

Our staff are the best trained professional personnel available, regulars on mine sites all staff hold current inductions, coal board medicals, licenses, black coal competency's tickets, drug and alcohol tests, blue card and many more qualifications. (all relevant paper work from site specific inspections, maint and pre start register, take 5's to jha's, work method statement, sds, swp's, daily checks and personnel paper work is kept in ALL of our trucks) You can rest assured when you hire Concrete Pumping Queensland your job will exceed that of any other concrete pumping company- guaranteed. Achieving high quality service and safety standards means that the biggest and most difficult jobs can be planned with confidence, from house slabs and bridge constructions to remote gas plants or things not often pumped by other companies such as "heavy concrete" or exposed concrete, your job will carried out to the highest possible standards.

Our safety culture is that all empolyees are empowered to stop work and take corrective action if they see a safety hazard. with constant monitoring, assessment, reviewing and working within CPQ health and safety plan gives all workers on site confidence that we are identifying , eliminating or controlling critical risks. Company policy ensures all employees wear high visibility clothing and the correct ppe for your needs. Also compulsory and random drug and alcohol testing will be carried out up to 12 times annually.

With brand new trucks (painted in high visibility colors) and the latest in safety systems including the best stability setup helps us deliver our slogan "OUR SAFETY IS BOOMING". From lagre safety features to simple things like wheel nut indicators and checking Tyre pressures to first aid kits and fire fighting equipment kept on our entire fleet we continue to look for new and improved ways of keeping in the forefront of safety develpoments.

If you have any feedback, good or bad, on any concrete pour (ours or someone else's) please don't hesitate in contacting us as we require customer input so that Concrete Pumping Queensland stays injury and incident free, productive, efficient and a market leader in concrete pumping.

With a complete safety package for your job CPQ can supply you with the following safety documents to ensure your site safety paperwork is above standards with little or no effort from your company.


We can also supply full copys of Tickets, licences and Concrete Pump information as follows:

  • Current Drug and Alcohol test
  • Blue / White card details
  • Coal / gas mining tickets and medicals
  • Pump road worthy certificates
  • Mine site inspections for concrete pumps
  • Current brake tests and fire extinguisher compliance.
  • Qld plant rego certificates
  • Boom inspections and log books

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