HandShield Industrial Formula

Utilising the same base as Household Formula, Household Industrial Formula possesses several key ingredients as well as stronger antimicrobial ingredients, all specifically designed to protect hands exposed to harsh and more abrasive elements that are usually found in the work place. Often these chemicals and caustic substances have the tendency to rapidly deplete the skins natural protective characteristics.

Industrial formula will also continue to moisturise and shield the skin for four hours or more, and will even protect cuts and sores, allowing the skin to heal naturally while continuing to protect from the constant bombardment of harmful chemicals.

We advise that two to three continuous applications per day for several weeks can restore cracked and damaged skin. With continuous application afterwards, hands and skin will appear rejuvenated and completely restored.

HandShield Industrial Formula:
Protects against 100's of chemicals, irritants &      caustic substances
Moisturises the skin with Aloe Vera while it      protects
Allows the skin to breathe and heal naturally
Clinically tested

The test introduced THREE FORMS OF BACTERIA STRAINS under a laboratory controlled environment to test HandShield antimicrobial effectiveness against the three strains.

Diagrams above and below: Extract from Test Report B-GLO42/1

The results prove that HandShield formulation has an EFFECTIVE KILL RATE OF 99.9% after five minutes of application.

Graph above: Extract from Test Report UESE1006-30 - Moisturising effect of HandShield

Sustained increase in moisture levels, continues beyond four hours.

Shows low moisture levels.

More about HandShield
HandShield is a natural, breakthrough product that creates an invisible moisturising shield of protection for your skin. It has been dermatologically tested and is proven in its ability to protect the hands from abrasive and harmful elements. It contains natural nutrients and is safe to use on any part of the skin surface. It protects dry, wounded or cracked skin by allowing it to heal whilst being shielded. In addition, HandShield nourishes the skin. The uniqueness of HandShield is that most of its ingredients are found in nature. HandShield can be used in a whole range of industries as well as around the home and professional industry. Use HandShield before handling garlic and onion, and unwanted odours won't stay on the skin. Shield before working with oil and grease, and those substances will not penetrate the skin and cause damage to the hands. You can also use HandShield to replace the many harmful cleaning agents that are used extensively throughout industry.

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